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Karate for Kids

Tiny Tigers

Tiny Tigers is an ideal way to introduce young children to the sport and discipline of Tae Kwon Do.

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Karate for Kids is another ATA Youth program that focuses on leadership as well as athleticism.

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ATA for Adults

Tae Kwon Do is an excellent way to improve fitness and gain newfound confidence.

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XMA is a dynamic art for experienced students. It combines Martial Arts and gymnastics.

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The 11th Annual Inter-School Tournament

Everyone can enjoy the feeling of competition thanks to the Inter-school Tournament.. Students will compete with friends and fellow students and it is exclusive on to our school. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced student or a seasoned pro, this experience will give you the hands on training and knowledge needed to compete like a champion.

All Beginner Students will have the opportunity to compete in Form, Weapons and XMA (make up form).

All Intermediate thru Black Belt students will be able to compete in Form, Weapons and XMA, Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, and Combat Weapon Sparring.

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As a reminder to all students:

The weapon this cycle, for all students, is the Bahng Mahg Ee (short blue stick).

Leadership students should also bring your Jahng Bong (long staff).

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Week 3 of the 5th Cycle

The Life Skill for the 5th cycle is: DISCIPLINE

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